Auto Mobile Code Review

Want to know more about Auto Mobile Code? Then you came to the right place. In this exclusive review I will tell what it is and how you can get started right today.

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Email VS Text Messaging

If you ever looked for information regarding making money online. You  probably heard the phrase “money is in the list” at least hundred times.

But is that really the case? Does email stand the test of time? And does it even work?

The problem with email marketing is that the only people who already have lists containing hundreds of thousands subscribers are really make money with it.Building a list from scratch is very costly and time consuming.

test message marketingBut that’s not even the biggest problem with email marketing, The fact that everyone is on multiple lists and getting tens or even hundreds of emails a day a great portion of them are never opened.. In fact only around 2% of all promotional emails are opened, and only .5% to 1% promotions links are clicked on. That’s why it only works if you have tens of thousands subscribers.

Is there a better way? With today’s technology there is. Mobile use has recently overtaken desktop and laptop use by a landslide. This is why text messaging or SMS is the new way to earn. With open rates of over 98%  according to multiple sources it’s far superior to email.

According to the calculation you need a 50 times small text messaging list than email. With just 200 texts you can earn much as with 10,000 emails. That puts it’s into a new perspective. It’s a new way to earn online in2014.

The “Auto Mobile Code”

As you see SMS or text messaging marking is hot right now. But how can you start earning from it? With limited information on the new trend it was hard for someone with no experience. But now it’s all about to change. With the AutoMobileCode you have the power of text messaging marketing within one software.

auto mobile code logoHow does it work.

The code creates themed mobile website that give away free gifts in exchange for a phone number. Each website is in specific market such as weight loss, dating , gold and etc. This is why you only will collect numbers of people that are interested in promotion you send out.

Best part is that it does it all for you. No need to create or hire a professional to create the sites. It even gives you the free gifts to give away. How many depends on the package you chose. That is why I recommend going for the bigger one.

Once you have the mobile set up it will start collecting targeted visitors phone numbers right away. Soon you will have your own text messaging list. With that you can earn everyday by sending a simple text message. How cool is that?

What Promotions Do You?

What you send is up to you but I would starts with Clickbank and Amazon products related to the market or niche. These affiliate programs accept everyone and are easy to promote. For example in the gold niche you can send out text with a informational products from clickbank. Or golf accessories from Amazon. It is that easy.

That is why I think Auto Mobile Code is the online product of 2014. It will create a lot of new online earners such as yourself  Click Here to check it out now.


Text Message Marketing

So why do you need to know about SMS marketing? First of all text marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start earning online in 2014. It’s superior to email marketing in almost every aspect. First of all the open rates of text messaging is through the roof. At over 98% you know that your texts will be opened. Email on the other hand has about 22% on all emails and 2% on promotional ones.

text-marketingThe difference is clear. But that’s not the best part yet. With text message marketing you can stay ahead of the game. everyone know email marketing is over saturated. Why? Because every guru, internet marketer and wannabe says that money are in the list.

If you have a list of 100,000 then maybe, but what about a little guy? Building a list will cost you around $1 per click, and even at a modest 30% conversation rate that means you would need over $300,000 to build a list of 100.000. At 20% you’re out a half a million.

Now even with 100k subscribers only about 2 thousands will open your email. And out of that only 500 to 1000 will actually click on the promotion. With 1% to 2% conversations rate that means only 5 to 20 people will buy at $30. So the list that could end up costing half a million will make you only $150 to $600 per email. Now count in refunds, people unsubscribing and the numbers are even lower.

On the other hand mass text to only 1000 subscribers will be opened by over 980 of them with 900 in the first 5 minutes. The click rate is also much better on mass text messaging because it’s a lot less spamy. So as you see 1000 mobile subscribers can be worth as much as 100,000 email subscribers.

That’s why hand text messaging marketing has a much higher return on investment . So does sms marketing sound good or what? Best part is that thanks to a upcoming software Auto Mobile Code this can be done for free and painlessly.

It’s really ground breaking and text marketing will never be the same because of it. Get ready to mass text as it will make you tons of money. But you better jump on this while you still can because people will start catching up. Early bird always gets the worm.